Junior Program

The DEVELOPMENT program at JNTA is designed to offer a lot of individual attention to ensure appropriate technical and tactical development of our younger junior players. The goal of this program is to help young athletes acquire all the skills needed to develop weapons to be successful in their professional career. Consisting of daily technical, strength and movement training in a private setting, the program systematically addresses every aspect of a player’s game. The program also puts down the basis for tactical awareness and development of competitive skills. The Development Program is completed with an accurate Strength & Conditioning program designed specifically for each individual player. The Development Program also includes 10 tournaments a year with traveling-coach to ensure that our young players have the opportunity to experience international competition.

Short and long-term strategy and development plan is discussed between the player, coaches and directors of JNTA and parents. This program is ideal for players from the age of 12 to 18 years old who are seeking to become professional players (initial evaluation and testing is required – max 10 players accepted in this program).

Key Facts about the Development Program:

  • PROGRAM DURATION: 11 months
  • PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Monday to Saturday, 3 to 4 hours of training per day depending on personal periodization calendar (including daily Strength & Conditioning), 3 private training sessions per week depending on periodic personal calendar
  • TRAVELING: 10 weeks of traveling-coach fees
  • COACHING: each player is assigned a personal coach to oversee his/her development program, each player will have access to Strength & Conditioning Trainers when possible, each player will have access to coaching support from JNTA director Federico Ricci and Jarkko Nieminen when possible, each player will have access to Dartfish video-analysis whenever is needed, additional traveling weeks can be added to this program if needed, sport psychology experts are also collaborating with JNTA’s players
  • EXTRAS: JNTA will assist players in acquiring all the help they need to succeed. JNTA will also assist players in arranging housing and schooling