JNTA Performance

The Performance Program at Jarkko Nieminen Tennis Academy (JNTA) is designed to build a solid and progressive psychophysical foundation for young players and perfect the development of accomplished athletes.

The Performance Program at JNTA takes advantage of a team of experts to cover all the athletic aspects of development:

jnta-performanceJussi Immonen – Head of the Performance Program/Strength & Condition Coach

Coach Stokes – SAQ and Movement Coach

Mikko Pehkonen – Physiotherapist & Body Control

Tuomas Grönman – Sport Psychologist

Petri Helenius – Sport Doctor

The Performance Program offers an accurate and systematically planned athletic development that adapts to the changing needs of the tournament schedule, and it’s designed specifically for each individual player. Short and long-term strategy and development plan is discussed between the player and JNTA Performance coaching staff.

The Performance program is ideal for all athletes looking to reach high competitive status and has no age limitation due to its high level of individualization.

Key Facts about the Performance Program:performance

  • Movement screening at the beginning of the program
  • SAQ, strength and endurance testing based on the needs of the athlete.
  • Individualized strength and conditioning program according the competition calendar
  • Group sessions with sports psychology
  • Recovery, rehabilitation and pain control based on individual needs

JNTA Performance is open to all athletes, from any sport, looking to achieve their best performance and a professional career.

For more information and registering for the Performance Program, please contact Coach Jussi Immonen at Jussi.Immonen@jnta.fi