Pro Program

The PERFORMANCE program at JNTA is designed to offer everything a junior players need in their developing years. This is the most complete program that Jarkko Nieminen Tennis Academy offers and it is ideal for players of at least 15 years of age who want to pursue a professional career in tennis.

The Performance Program at Jarkko Nieminen Tennis Academy (JNTA) is designed to help talented junior players transition into professional tennis.  The goals of this program are: weapon development, tactical understanding of the game, building successful competitive skills and strengthening of the player’s body and mind.  Consisting of daily technical, strength, and movement training in a private setting, the program systematically addresses every aspect of a player’s game. The program also puts a lot of importance on the competitive aspects of the game: the experiences acquired when traveling internationally with constant coaching help players understand the most advanced tactical, mental, motivational and physical demands of a professional tennis career. The Performance Program is completed with an accurate and personalized physical program designed specifically for each individual player and adapted for the weeks “on the road” (players might also travel with our Strength & Conditioning coach at times). The Performance Program includes a traveling-coach to all the tournaments scheduled in each player’s calendar to ensure that transitioning-pro players continue their development and peak in their performances in international competition.

Short and long-term strategy and development plan is discussed between the player, coaches and directors of JNTA and parents. JNTA will also be able to take advantage of many growing opportunities around the world thanks to our network of contacts (base in other top-academies, ATP and WTA contacts, Wild Cards, travel arrangement and facilitation, guest coaches, etc.). Performance programs at JNTA only accepts 6 players every year.

Key Facts about the Development Program:

  • PROGRAM DURATION: 11 months
  • PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Monday to Saturday, 3 to 5 hours of training per day depending on personal periodization calendar (including daily Strength & Conditioning), 3 to 5 private training sessions per week depending on periodic personal calendar
  • TRAVELING: fees for JNTA traveling coach are included in the cost of the program for an unlimited amount of weeks needed according to ideal tournament calendar
  • COACHING: each player is assigned a personal coach to oversee his/her development program, each player will have access to Strength & Conditioning Trainers, each player will have access to coaching support from JNTA director Federico Ricci and Jarkko Nieminen when possible, each player will have access to Dartfish video-analysis whenever is needed, sport psychology experts are also collaborating with JNTA’s players
  • EXTRAS: JNTA will assist players to receive all the help they need to succeed. JNTA will assist players to arrange housing and schooling. Nordisk Sports Management (NSM) will assist players with contracts, wild cards, travel arrangements and facilitations, tournament management as well as creating opportunities for training in other locations.