Weekly & Travelling Program

The Training Program at Jarkko Nieminen Tennis Academy (JNTA) is designed to give an efficient training base to those professional or top-ranked national players who wish to train in a highly motivated environment.

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This is the only program at JNTA that is also offered on a weekly and monthly basis. The idea behind this is that players can use JNTA as a training base in between their tournaments.

The goal of this program is to give advanced players the opportunity to train with high intensity and professional coaches to continue to develop their skills and advance even farther in their tennis career.  Consisting of daily tactical, strength, and movement training in a group setting, the program systematically addresses the aspects of a player’s game mostly related to success in competition. The Training Program is completed with the possibility for every player to have access to our Strength & Conditioning facility and support from our Strength & Conditioning staff. Short and long-term strategy and development plans are discussed between the player, coaches and directors of JNTA.

This program is ideal for players from the age of 15 and older who are seeking to continuously improve in their tennis career. Initial evaluation and testing is required – max 10 players accepted in this program.


Key Facts about the Development Program:

  • PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday, 2 to 5 hours of training per day depending on personal periodization calendar (including Strength & Conditioning)
  • COACHING: Each player will have access to coaching support from JNTA coaching staff, additional private coaching hours can be added to the program, additional traveling weeks can be added to this program if needed
  • EXTRAS: JNTA will assist players to receive all the help they need to succeed. JNTA will assist players to arrange housing and schooling if needed.